Squirrel Problems? – Find a Wildlife Control Company

Animal offenders, such as skunks, raccoons, bats and birds, find shelter and nesting areas where they can. This might be your home, and in particular your attic. That is particularly true when cold weather condition hits, or during spring and early summer period when babies are on the way. However, while wildlife may be fascinating to look at, this may not be the case when those wild critters rummage through your home.

One of wildlife control popular services is squirrel control Toronto. Squirrels species are generally categorised in 4 groupings, which include fox squirrels (Sciurus niger), flying squirrels (Glaucomys spp), eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis), and red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus). These are the more common species which come into contact regularly with humans and man-made structures.

Squirrels are one of numerous kinds of-wildlife that can create several problems for humans and can quickly damage your home and attic. In fact, once wildlife accesses your home, the-scent they leave behind will soon attract other wildlife species to-move in as well. Squirrels are a very common cause of fires. Their feces may contain salmonella and leptospirosis. Besides, they are noisy, and love to run around above the ceiling and scratching.

Squirrels are also capable if causing destruction on lawns and in homes. They do this by chewing the bark of ornamental shrubbery and trees, trample on and feed from gardens, chew on birdhouses, and eat the contents of birdfeeders. In yards, squirrels dig up buried nuts and seeds, leaving holes and disrupting the overall presentation.
Squirrels are well adapted to urban and sub-urban environments. They tend to intrude into homes and other buildings and structures, including: Basements, Attics, Walls, Crawlspaces, Sheds, and other structures they can find entry ways into. Squirrels gain access to attics in a number of ways, usually through chewing the attic at the roof vents, gable vents, construction gap, and other places.

Often, they find a small opening and then chew a larger hole to breach into the building’s interior. As overwintering pests, they often use homes and structures to build nests and also enjoy protection from cold weather as well as as breeding and nesting sites. Yards with plenty of foliage are rather attractive to squirrels, as they view trees as a source of both food and shelter. Aside from seeing the squirrels, some signs of infestation include their gnaw damage, like for food and nesting sites, and also daytime sounds of their activity, like in attics.

If you are experiencing issues with squirrels in your-attic and home, then you can consider hiring a professional wildlife removal and control company. These offer nuisance squirrel removal and control to protect your home or even office buildings. They have extensive experience in getting rid of squirrels from homes, chimneys, and attics.
Initially, wildlife technicians carry out a certified inspection from the ground to the roof to establish all entry points the critters are using to get inside your home, office bulding or structure. Homeowners ensure any broken window screens as well as cracks that lead into attics are repaired. Chimneys are checked as possible points of entry, and then sealed with mesh coverings. This is quite crucial so that the wildlife technicians can-seal up your home at a future-date once all wildlife have been removed so the issue does not reoccur.

From there, the wildlife technicians can start trapping all squirrels and relocate them at least 10 miles away from the property. This may be particularly difficult during breeding season as the animals are quite sensitive to new scents as well as changes in the environment. After all squirrels are trapped and relocated, your home can then be sealed up and repaired so that future problems don’t occur. In addition, their waste and nesting material are removed and the odor eliminated. That is the most effective way-to eradicate squirrels from an attic.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels From Your Attic

Squirrels are one of the most disturbing pets that can give one a headache. Here are some of the ways to get rid of squirrels found in the attic:

Fox is squirrels natural enemy. Fox urine is used by hunters to camouflage their scent. Go to stores selling hunting paraphernalia and buy bottled fox urine. Wear rubber gloves then soak a piece of cotton with fox pee. Place the cotton with fox pee in your attic. Squirrels will get extremely quiet so as not to disturb the “fox”! They will get out as fast as possible! Then a few days till you are sure they are gone then seal up all the possible entry points.

Trap all the squirrels then close up all the holes they use to enter the attic. Do not poison them, unless you have to, or you will be forced to deal with the bad smell for some time.

Get yourself a pest exterminator or you can opt to buy several cages. Trap them then relocate them a few miles from your place or even out of the country. Then look around the house for all the possible entry regions and plug them well. Squirrels can easily chew their way through mesh wire! If anyone from your family is feeding them then ask them to stop! Stop feeding your cat or dog from outside, feed them from inside. And never leave your pets food outside; remember squirrels know good things when they see them. Pet food attracts squirrels, rats and even raccoons. Also, if you happen to have a bird feeder near your house, move it to a another place that is far from the house.

When you decide to relocate squirrels, make sure you take them as far as possible and make sure you travel in zigzag or they will come back. Before moving them away, make sure you mark them so that when you see squirrels again, you will be able to know whether they are the ones you relocated or new ones. The real solution is to use Victor trap, squirrels meat is delicious and nutritious. If you get some they can make a good meal!