How To Humanely Evict A Squirrel Family With Babies

When Squirrels see an opening or hole in a house they usually end up going in. Squirrels are unwelcome guests in many houses because then tend to chew on boards and weaken the foundations and also chew on power cords that send electricity through the house. The biggest offenders of this are the females because they tend to build nests in the house and start a family. Here a few tips on how to humanely evict a squirrel family with babies:

The first tip would be to find where they are entering the house at. This tends to be a very small hole or crevice, but sometimes you can actually here them scratching around, so you should be able to spot it fairly quickly.

Next, locate the nest. A few tips to use without hurting the squirrels are bang loudly on the area. This serves to scare off the squirrels as they fear its unsafe area to continue living and will soon leave. Another very good tip is to soak some rags with vinegar in the nests location. Squirrels don’t like the smell and will likely leave. A third tip is to shine a bright light in the area where the squirrels live. These tips should work, but if they fail you, then its likely time to hire a professional. Do not try and remove the squirrels by trying to trap them. This is a very difficult process and will likely not work.

Once the squirrels are evicted It would be wise to block off the location in some fashion to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Blocking off the area with metal or something solid is a wise idea. It is very important to evict these squirrels as fast as possible due to the damage they can do to your foundation and internal wiring.